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Follow up with current customers

Your current customers are your biggest asset - don't ignore them, nurture them. The best strategies for getting the most out of your current customers.

Success...or your humanity?

The hidden benefits of bringing your humanity into your business. How you can leverage your relationship with your customer to quickly grow your profits.

It's not business, it's personal

Why all business is personal...and how you can exponentially grow your business by becoming a trusted advisor to your customers.

What business growth mindset do you have?

The single biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses. How to shift your mindset to start seeing opportunities for business growth.

Beware my power...

Are you making this common business mistake, and ignoring the most valuable asset in your business? And how to make money out of nothing.

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The most common reason that people stop doing business with you? Because they don't feel you see them as important. Stay in contact with your current customers, and reward them for being loyal.
Your customer base is an asset that you are probably overlooking: Are you capturing the contact details (email, phone number & address) of all people that do business with you?
Your current customers are the warmest source of prospects for your other services. How are you upselling? How can you get your current customers to buy from you more frequently? What other companies can you partner with to offer special deals to your current customer?
Always capture contact details for your customers AND for your prospective customers. Think of ways to capture the contact details for everyone that visited your store, your website or called you. Then follow-up with them consistently.
Implementing a good follow-up system in your business will: increase your conversion rate, make your customers more loyal, and increase the average lifetime value of your customers
The best tools to follow up with prospective customers and current customers: Phone and then email.
The fastest (and cheapest) way to grow your business is to improve your follow-up processes with prospects, past customers and current customers
Most small businesses make this mistake: Do you have a system for recapturing old customers and for following up with prospective customers?
Each time you make a sale, start thinking about how you can get that customer to buy from you again. How can you turn an one-time sale into a lifelong relationship?
Are you regularly inviting past and current customers to do business with you again? What can you offer someone that has bought from you in the past to get them back?
Find out who your top customers are...then create customized product catalogues just for them. Think about the products or services that they need, then send them your personalized recommendations.
Do your best customers know that you value them? Are you constantly rewarding them, and showing them that they are important to you?
Regularly analyze your receipts and invoices to figure out who your best customers are. Then think about how you can sell more to them: What else do they need? What else are you offering that they might not be aware of?
Are your sales staff phoning your top customers on a monthly or quarterly basis? Invite them back, offer them a special offer, or provide them with advance notice of an upcoming sale.
Get to know your customer personally: What do they like and dislike about your product? How frequently do they do business with you? How much do they spend? What other things do they need?