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How to turn your customers into sci-fi nerds

How to turn your customers into passionate fans. What most businesses aren't doing for their customers (the key to increasing customer lifetime value!)

I just finished watching the first season of a sci-fi series, and I found something funny for you...

You see, I have this habit of doing a search on Reddit whenever I watch a TV series. There is usually a discussion forum, and I enjoy reading what other people thought about the story.

First, what you need to know about this sci-fi series: It's called Foundation. It is based on a old series of books released between 1950 and 1970.

The books are very popular among a particular crowd of sci-fi nerds.

When I say popular, I mean that some people are fanatical about the books. Extremely passionate.

Now, here's what I found funny.

You see, on Reddit, two groups have formed. There are the TV show watchers, and there are the book readers.

The book fans mostly hate everything about the show. On every episode discussion, they post to complain about how the show does not match the book, how to producers are butchering the book.

It has now gotten to a point where the Reddit moderators have split the posts - there is an episode discussion for the TV show watchers...and then there is an episode discussion for the book fans.

If you are a book reader, you are not allowed to post on the discussion post for TV show watchers...but still every now and then some passionate book fan sneaks a hostile comment about the show.

What I find even more funny is that these book fans, who hate this show so much...still keep watching it and commenting, even up to the last episode of the season.

Humans have this inbuilt tendency to form communities around things we are passionate about. And once we believe something, it is very difficult to change our minds.

The same is true for your customers.

Imagine if you could get your customers as passionate about your business as these book fans are about this science fiction book from the 1950s.

Imagine how easy it would be to grow your business if your customers were as loyal.

That's the secret behind some of the biggest brands in the world.

I once knew an Apple customer who would buy the latest iPhone, without even thinking about whether he needed it. When they released the first iPad, he bought it without even knowing what it was.

I also know IT guys that would not even look at a different laptop than Dell. They are so passionate about the brand...they won't even consider alternatives, no matter the discount.

Building a base of loyal customers means that you have an asset that will always make you matter what is happening in the economy.

The key to developing this base of loyal customers is to (1) offer them something unique, and (2) frequently reward them for being your customer.

Think about the following question:

Why do your customers buy from you? If they don't buy already, why should they?