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Warning: This post contains violence

The biggest impact you can make on your business growth (and it does not require any additional marketing, only using something you already have).

Last night I was watching the new Predator movie with my brother, and one scene really stood out for me.

I won't spoil anything about the movie (Prey), but there is one scene where a group of Native Americans are attacking the Predator.

Using his advanced technology, the Predator mows through the guys attacking him. I mean, really brutal, chopping off limbs, exploding heads, and pulverizing bodies.

It was a super violent scene, and it made me think about how desensitized to violence I have become.

If I had watched that scene when I was younger, I probably would have been traumatized for life.

But today, it didn't even really phase me.

That's the thing with the world today - everyone is becoming more desensitized.

There is just too much information. Too many options.

If you don't have something that clearly sets you are invisible to your potential customers.

No matter what business you are in...there are a magnitude of competitors and alternatives to what you offer.

My mentor Richard Johnson, the creator of the marketing system we use to help businesses uncover and optimize the hidden marketing in their businesses, says that the biggest impact you can make on someone's business is to help them find out what makes them unique...and then help them integrate that in all their marketing and sales processes.

Creating your differentiating factor...your Unique Selling Proposition, is what allows you to get out of the pricing game, and stand out from your competitors.

It is what makes you visible to your ideal customer.

And here's the surprising thing: you likely already have a Unique Selling're just not using it.

If you have been in business for a while...then there is a reason that people are buying from you.

It might be your convenient location, your exceptional customer service, your premium quality product...or a combination of various factors.

All you need to do is uncover this asset, and start exploiting it.

Having a clear Unique Selling Proposition...and clearly communicating it in all your marketing, leads to exponential growth: more prospects, better conversion rates, and higher lifetime value per customer.

How do you get started?