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How to win customers and influence buyers

The 3 questions you need to ask yourself each week (recommended by a Wall Street bank president). And the easiest and cheapest way to grow your business.

This morning it was raining heavily outside, so I snuggled in bed and started reading "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

This is the first time I am reading it, and I'm looking forward to it...

Right at the beginning of the book, there's a quote from the president of an important Wall Street bank:

“For years I have kept an engagement book showing all the appointments I had during the day. My family never made any plans for me on Saturday night, for the family knew that I devoted a part of each Saturday evening to the illuminating process of self-examination and review and appraisal. After dinner I went off by myself, opened my engagement book, and thought over all the interviews, discussions and meetings that had taken place during the week. I asked myself:

What mistakes did I make that time?

What did I do that was right-and in what way could I have improved my performance?

What lessons can I learn from that experience?

This bank president attributed most of his considerable success to this simple habit.

Continuously reviewing and evaluating yourself is difficult and painful...but it is the way you grow.

It is not just important for your own personal growth...but also critical if you want to grow your business.

Think about it: What if you decided to spend an hour, or even just 30 minutes, each week to review and appraise the things you have done to build your business?

Simply review what you have done, then list the mistakes that you made, what worked well, and what lessons you learned.

Here's what the bank president said about this process:

This system of self-analysis, self-education, continued year after year, did more for me than any other one thing I have ever attempted.

Want to try this?

Here's how you can start:

Focus on growing your business in one area at a time. Then constantly review and appraise what worked, and what did not work.

For example, one of the easiest and cheapest areas to focus on to grow you business is:

Increase your average transaction value.

The average transaction value is how much money you make each time you sell something to a customer.

By increasing the amount that you sell in each transaction, you can significantly grow your business...without spending any more money on marketing.

In fact, you can almost instantly grow your business by simply implementing a system for increasing the value of each transaction.

And doing so is simple - you just need to think of some ideas on additional products or services that your customer would want...when they are are already buying from you.

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Just think about it: if just one tip each week helps you grow your business by 1%...then by the end of the year your business will have grown by 70%!

Here's the deal: You have two choices. You can do what you've always been doing, maybe your business will grow, or maybe it will stay the same.

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