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Build better relationships with past, current and prospective customers

Your database of past, current and prospective customers is an important marketing asset. Most businesses overlook this simple way to grow their business.

What business growth mindset do you have?

The single biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses. How to shift your mindset to start seeing opportunities for business growth.

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Your current customers are the warmest source of prospects for your other services. How are you upselling? How can you get your current customers to buy from you more frequently? What other companies can you partner with to offer special deals to your current customer?
Your database of past customers is a marketing assets that you need to use. How are you consistently re-engaging your past customers? How can you get them back to doing business with you?
Grow your business by developing better relationships with your past, current and prospective customers: How are you rewarding your current customers? Are you re-activating past customers? And are you following up with prospective customers?
Grow you business by following up better with prospects: Are you capturing contact details for prospects that don't end up buying? Are you following up with them consistently, and giving them reasons to buy?
Grow your business without spending more on advertisement by increasing your average customer value. Are you consistently following up with current customers? How are you rewarding your customers for being loyal?
How are you keeping in touch with your past customers? Someone that has already bought from you is much more likely to buy from you you have a process for getting old customers back?