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The secret to selling (from a door-to-door salesman)

What selling is all about (it is not about how strong your pitch is, or how great your product is). And the real benefit to understanding your customers.

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual, and I used the extra time to catch up on some articles that I had queued.

I use Pocket (a read-it-later service) to store articles and blog posts for later reading, and then convince myself that I'll get the time to read it (I currently have 4400 articles sitting in my queue).

But this morning I did get some time to work on my queue, and the first article that came up was a New Yorker story about Sam Taggart, an expert door-to-door salesman.

Now, if you know anything about selling, then you know that door-to-door sales are probably the most brutal selling environment. Completely cold, often hostile prospects that are not looking for what you are selling.

In fact, Sam tells how he has been attacked, arrested and called scum in 40 states around America.

But...this also means that door-to-door salespeople are some of the best at selling in the world.

Here's what Sam says about selling:

“Everything is selling. You find the person’s problem—‘My skin isn’t good’ or ‘I got broken into’ or ‘I don’t believe in anything’—and you solve it through your product.” -- Sam Taggart

This is something that many business owners often forget.

Selling doesn't start with your product, or with what you can do, or what you offer.

It is not about you.

Instead...selling starts with the other person. It starts by understanding them, their needs and their problems.

Then, once you understand why they are looking to buy, you can offer your product as the solution.

But selling more is not the only benefit of understanding your prospect.

In fact, understanding your prospect's needs and wants can lead to a much bigger benefit for your business.

Once you understand what your customer really needs and wants, you can use it to massively increase your profits.

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