Biz Grow Tips
"Daily idea to grow your small business"

Uncover your hidden marketing assets

Instead of spending more on advertising, focus on uncovering and exploiting the marketing assets you already have. Grow by 25% to 100% in 60 to 90 days.

How to shrink a mountain

How to escape from the stress of traditional advertising into the world of asset-based business growth. Grow your business without spending more.

If I don't eat when I am hungry, then I'll die...

What my 5 year old son knows about business that most business owners overlook. And how you can start growing your business exponentially.

Grow your business by becoming more active in your community

Grow your business by working with community associations and groups. Offer free workshops and education about your topic. Donate in exchange for exposure.

Build better relationships with past, current and prospective customers

Your database of past, current and prospective customers is an important marketing asset. Most businesses overlook this simple way to grow their business.

Avengers: Spendgame

How to get out of the business feast or famine cycle. And how to stop media reps or "SEO experts" from taking advantage of you.

How to uncover more ways to grow your business

How to stop relying on advertising, and uncover the marketing assets you already have. And grow your business by using these assets, without spending more.

More ideas and tips

Want to grow your business without spending more on marketing? Then identify the underutilized marketing assets you already have, and develop a system to consistently exploit them.
How to grow your business without spending more: uncover your existing marketing assets, then optimize and exploit those assets
How to grow your business without spending more on advertisement: identify the hidden marketing assets you already have, create a repeatable system to exploit them, then...profit
Grow your business by working with other businesses: Do you have alliances with other businesses in your industry or location? How can you combine forces to save money and get better results with your marketing?
Improve your marketing results by differentiating yourself from your competition: How did you get you started with your business? What makes you credible? What is your background? And...are you communicating this to your customers and prospects?
What is special about your business' location? Do you have outlets close to where your customers live or work? How does your location make it more convenient for customers to buy from you? And...are you communicating this benefit in your marketing?
Bad sales performance is a good thing...because it means your business has lots of room to grow, by simply training your sales staff better. Increase your conversion rate to increase your profitability dramatically.
Are you using your staff's expertise to help grow your business? Are you including any special skills you staff have in your marketing?
What makes the product or service you sell unique? What is different about the way you do things, compared to your competitors? And most importantly...are you communicating this in all your marketing and communication with customers?