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Have a plan to continually get new prospects

Why you need a continual marketing action plan. And the best areas to focus on to build an automatic stream of more prospects for your business.

New prospects are the lifeblood of your business, and you should have a plan or system that brings in new prospects on auto-pilot.

If you don't have a repeatable system for getting new prospects, you will always be in feast or famine mode, either having too much work, or too little.

To get more prospects, you need a marketing action plan as part of your core business processes. A plan containing daily tasks that your or your employees need to perform.

Some of the best areas to focus on for new prospects are:

  • Having a strong referral process to help your existing customers recommend your services to their friends and colleagues

  • Setting up joint ventures with other complimentary businesses servicing the same type of customer as you. This can take many forms: sending their offer to your customer list in exchange for them doing the same, or even sharing marketing costs on a brochure. You can also investigate setting up an affiliate program.

  • Community outreach programs - offer to donate or help our community organizations that work with people that could be potential customers for you, in-exchange for them promoting your services to their subscribers

  • An email autoresponder that automatically follows up with prospects frequently (at least once a month, better once a week, best daily depending on how interested your prospect is in the topic), educating them about what you do and continually staying top of their mind

  • Writing and publishing content online to help drive prospects to sign up for your email autoresponder. Your content should be useful, but focused on educating prospects on their problems and explaining why your product or service is the best solution.