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Sell more to your existing customers

The best type of prospect - most likely to buy from you, and easiest to contact. 5 simple ways to make more money from your existing customers.

The people most likely to buy from you are the people that have already bought from you.

Your past customers are the best prospects for your other products or services.

You need to have a plan in place on how to exploit and optimize this asset.

This means that you need to have a plan for staying in touch with anyone that has bought from you:

  • A newsletter exclusive to customers that you email daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Sending them special offers and deals exclusive to customers.

  • Follow up with them and inquire about how they are using your products, provide them with tips on how to use your product better or more effectively.

  • Create a loyalty program that reward customers who buy from you frequently

  • Offer them new products, or different combinations of products packaged together