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Children are dangerous for your health

The key you need to ensure your business can consistently grow without constant manual work. How to put your business growth on auto-pilot.

Hi. It's Matt from Last Saturday I was sitting in my lounge watching TV, when I started feeling a cold coming on...

I've never been someone that got sick often. I've always had a pretty good immune system.

That is, until I had kids. My kids are extremely efficient germ distribution systems.

They go to kindergarten or school, gather all the bugs they can find, and then come home and do their best to spread them.

Whether it is blowing raspberries in my face, trying to force their hand into my mouth (fresh from their own mouth), or just sneezing directly in my is a wonder I only get sick once or twice a month.

For me, the main problem with getting a cold is not that it makes me feel bad...that I can deal with. The main problem I have is that it messes up my routine and my habits.

After a cold, it usually takes me time and effort to get back into my normal routine.

And having a daily routine, a daily list of steps that I can do without having to think about it makes it much easier to consistently do the things that I believe are critical for a healthy life.

The same is true for your business.

Having a routine for your business, a marketing system that you can follow without having to think about what to do each time, ensures that your business will consistently grow.

Your business marketing system should be set up to leverage the marketing assets that you already have, in order to consistently get more prospects, convert more prospects into customers, and sell more to each customer.

Once you have this system, growing your business becomes an automatic process. Something that just happens, because it is just part of normal day to day business routine.

The sooner you implement a marketing system for your business...the sooner you can start growing your business consistently and reliably.

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