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Avengers: Spendgame

How to get out of the business feast or famine cycle. And how to stop media reps or "SEO experts" from taking advantage of you.

Last night I watched Avengers: Endgame for the first time (yes, I know, it has been out for a long time).

I won't spoil the movie for you...but I'll just say that things start bad and then get worse: the big bad guy Thanos disintegrates half of everything...and the Avengers are called to fix things.

It is a great action movie...but there is also an important business growth lesson embedded in it.

What happens when things go bad in your business? What would you do if you lost half of your sales tomorrow?

Most business owners are in one of 2 modes:

When things are going well, they don't think a lot about marketing, and spend as little as possible on it.

When things are disintegrating...then they start panicking...and start spending lots of money on marketing.

And when you panic...that's when the media reps attack, and start selling you expensive newspaper or radio ads. That's when you finally reply to all the "SEO opportunity" spam you keep getting.

Anything...just to get some people through the door.

It is Spendgame time.

But here a secret:

If you have a marketing system that is designed to use your existing marketing'll never even be in this position.

If you know how to exploit all the opportunity in your business for constant'll never have to panic about where to find new prospects, or end up spending lots of money, time and effort on unsuccessful advertising campaigns.

In fact, by identifying and creating a system for exploiting your existing hidden marketing can often grow your business by 25% to 100% or more, within 60 to 90 days...without spending any more on marketing.

Instead of only having one way to generate business growth (by getting more prospects), you will develop and use multiple different ways to consistently grow your business: to get more prospects, convert more customers, and increase the average sales per customer.

The first step is to identify the hidden marketing assets in your business - the hidden opportunities that you already have, that are just waiting for you to exploit and develop them.

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