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I Hate Elvis (he's a joik)

A brilliant marketing tactic from Elvis Presley's manager. And how you can make profits from selling your competitor's product (without any risk to you)

This morning I found something cool on Reddit...

What I love doing when I am supposed to be working is browsing Reddit. But, because I write these daily emails for you, I can tell myself that I am "working".

This morning, I read about Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager.

A little bit about Colonel Tom: First, he was a genius marketer. He pioneered the talent management industry. He charged Elvis 50% management fee, but Elvis gladly paid this, saying “I don’t think I’d have ever been very big if it wasn’t for him. He’s a very smart man.”

But he did one thing that I thought was especially genius:

You see, Tom realized that not everyone would like Elvis. In fact, as Elvis became more and more famous, more and more people would start to hate him.

But this was not a problem for him. In fact, he saw it as an opportunity. What did he do?

Well, he started printing and selling "I Hate Elvis" badges. He sold a whole range of Anti-Elvis badges: "I Hate Elvis", "Elvis Is A Jerk", and "Elvis The Joik" (joik apparently means jerk in New Yorkian).


Now, there are a few marketing lessons that we can learn from this guy. But the most important one is:

You should be growing your business even with prospects that don't buy from you.

Not everyone will want what you are selling. You can't sell a Toyota to someone that wants to buy a Ford. can sell them to your competitor who sells Fords. Or re-sell your competitor's Fords directly to your customer and earn a commission.

Thinking like this will increase your closing rate dramatically...meaning you'll make more money, and more profit, from the same marketing spend.

Developing alliances with other businesses is one of the Hidden Marketing Assets that we uncover and exploit when we create a marketing system for your business.

Leveraging other businesses (whether they are competitors or not) is an awesome way to grow your business, because you can make more money...without having to spend more money: Pure Profit™!

In today's email tip, I shared how you can start uncovering these Hidden Marketing Assets in your business, and them to grow your business 25% to 100% or more within the next 60 to 90 days...without spending any more on advertising.

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