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Daddy, will the baby be OK?

How to deal with the Walmarts of your industry. And the single biggest marketing activity you can do (and how to use it for exponential growth).

Last week I was watching a fascinating documentary about elephants, but then my daughter started crying...

You see, last Sunday I tried to be a good father and educate my kids about animals, so I turned of the Mickey Mouse cartoons, and turned on a documentary about elephant migrations in Africa.

It was a fascinating story about how elephants migrate for 1000's of miles across deserts and plains in Africa, and how they navigate using paths and landmarks passed on from mother to daughter over generations.

Even my kids enjoyed it...until the lions attacked.

Now, I've always thought of elephants as immune to predators...surely no elephant would have anything to fear from a (relatively) small little lion. turns out the lions are smarter than you would think. You see, these lions knew that they would not be able to bring the big elephants down they devised a strategy to hunt the baby elephants.

They waited until dark...and then started attacking from all sides, disorientating the bigger elephants and causing the babies to run away.

Just imagine...middle of a moonless night on an African plain, completely silent, and then suddenly lions roaring from all sides. Elephants panicking, trumpeting and rampaging.


I found this so fascinating that I forgot my kids were watching this with me...until my daughter started crying.

"Daddy, will the baby be OK?"

So back to Mickey Mouse we went.

But this did make me think about an interview I saw long ago where a local small business owner was complaining about Walmart coming to town and killing his business.

"How am I supposed to compete with a big company like Walmart and their low prices?", was all he kept saying.'s the answer:

Just like the lions, you can compete with anyone, even the Elephants in your industry...if you understand the secret of your Unique Selling Proposition.

Walmart has a very strong Unique Selling Proposition: "Lowest prices". And if you try to compete on'll fail.

But price is not everything. In fact, if you frame your offering right, price is irrelevant. If you offer something that your customer really wants and needs, and articulate your offering in a way that appeals to that want or need, then your customer will pay exactly what it is worth.

That is the secret of having a strong Unique Selling Proposition: it gets you out of the price war, by providing exactly what your customer wants in a way that no other competitor does.

Developing a strong USP is the single biggest impact marketing activity you can do, because it will help you generate more and warmer prospects, convert more of those prospects into customers...and increase the lifetime value of your customers by getting them to buy more, and more frequently.

This leads to massive, exponential growth...without having to spend any more money on new advertising.

Our process for uncovering and articulating your USP has been developed over the past 30 years, and used to help thousands of small business grow by 25% to 100% or more, within 60 to 90 days...without spending more on marketing.

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