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How to solve your biggest marketing problem

How to grow your business exponentially, by focusing on the 3 main ways to grow (instead of just one, like most businesses do)

What's your biggest marketing problem?

Last night, my 3 years old daughter went to bed early with a fever.

"Do you want some strawberry medicine?", I asked her (our paracetamol comes in kid friendly orange and strawberry flavors, not like the throat burning concoctions my mom used to give me).

"No medicine. No medicine. I don't feel bad." She shouted this, while burning up with fever, her eyes drooping from being sick.

My son, hearing this, shouted: "I want the strawberry medicine. My head hurts." Of course, he was fine, he just liked the strawberry medicine.

So, now I had one sick kid that didn't want any medicine, and one healthy kid that wanted the medicine. How do you resolve that?

A difficult problem to solve.

So instead, I'll help you solve a much simpler problem:

Your biggest marketing problem.

What is your biggest marketing problem?

If you are like most business owners, you likely answer "How do I get more prospects or leads? How do I get more people coming to my business?"

Because that's the way we've been trained. Traditionally, to grow our business, we think of one way only - spend money to get more prospects into the business.

But, here's the thing: there are actually 3 important ways to grow your business: get more prospects, convert more prospects into customers, and sell more to each customer.

Optimizing your business in each of these areas - at the same time - unlocks exponential growth. This means you can get double, triple or even more results from the same marketing investment.

When we look at growing your business, we help you develop a marketing system that is optimized to grow each of these 3 pillars.

We use a unique 4 step marketing system, a system that has been developed over the past 30 years, to identify the marketing assets that you already have in your business.

We then put these marketing assets into a marketing system that you can use to consistently grow your business by getting more, and better prospects, converting more of those prospects into customers, and getting your customers back to buy from you more frequently.

Using this system, we can grow your business 25% to 100%, or more, within the next 60 to 90 days...without having to spend any more money on advertising.

What would you do if your business profits doubled over the next 3 months? What would it do for you personally if your business has doubled in value by next year January? Wouldn't that be a great start to the new year?

In today's email tip, I shared how we can help you develop this business growth system into your business.

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