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That's not what a triangle looks like...

Why you should focus on listening to what your customer wants, instead of trying to tell them what they want. And how to create a unique business offering.

As I sit here writing this sentence, my 3y old daughter is next to me, screaming "That's not what a triangle looks like"...

It all started about 10 minutes ago...

You see, I was sitting at my desk, happily procrastinating writing this very email, when my daughter came to me and asked me to draw her a triangle.

"Yes!" my mind thought, here's a great opportunity to procrastinate and be a good dad at the same time.

In keeping with the good dad theme, instead of just drawing a triangle I decided to teach her how to draw one.

So I figured out a way to fold the piece of paper to outline a triangle, and then showed her how to draw over the outline to draw a perfect triangle.

"Good dadding", I thought.

Only instead of the look of appreciation and respect I expected...she started crying. Then took the paper and threw it on the floor.

Bringing us to now.

"That's not what a triangle looks like, daddy", she is screaming.

Now, before I go and try to find out what a triangle looks like, think about this:

Are you offering your customers what they want...or what you think they should want?

When selling, are you trying to understand who your customer is, and what they really need...or is your agenda to just sell your product?

One of my core beliefs about business is that to be really successful, you have to focus on your customer.

This means that you first find out what your customer needs...why they are buying...and then show them how what you offer can help them achieve their goals or meet their needs.

That's just as true in business growth as it is in selling.

Here's the simple truth: To grow, your business needs have a reason for your customer to buy from you.

You can either offer a commodity at the lowest cost...or can you can offer something that they want but cannot find anywhere else.

Figure out what makes you a way that is important to your customers, describe that uniqueness in terms of benefits to your customer, and include that in every communication and marketing message.

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